Programming camp for ambitious students

Have fun with friends, learn programming
and train for Olympiads

Learn algorithms

You will prepare for Olympiads and other competitions by solving programming problems and developing creative thinking skills. The Olympic workshops will be held in a competition-like format, so you can get used to it before real competitions. Our camps have a friendly atmosphere – instead of competing, we aim to help each other.

Make friends and have fun

Our camps attract personalities in all shapes and sizes, who have one thing in common – a passion for thinking. We will provide you with lots of opportunities to meet people, bond with them, and make memories you will never forget in the form of organising activities, but also giving you freedom during leisure time.

Develop a programming project

You will have an opportunity to develop a usable, tangible software project in teams or individually. It will be a chance to put your skills to a test, develop them, and see what it is like to work as a software developer. Tutors are looking forward to help you understand new technology and use it in practice.

Take part in

Programming and Algorithmics workshops

There are two learning paths to choose from: a Programming Path and an Algorithmic Path. In the first one you will learn programming in C++ or python and build your first software project. In the second one, you will participate daily in Olympiad - like competitions on one of three difficulty levels and learn more about algorithmics during interactive, problem solving - oriented thematic workshops.

Fun activities

Every day there will be activities designed for the participants to relax, make friends, and have fun. There will be a range of different fun things to do, such as learning a dance routine, a board games night, or Powerpoint Karaoke. Everything will be carried out in accordance with epidemiological regulations and in awareness of the participants’ safety.

Building your own project

You will have an opportunity to get practical experience by developing a real-life project: either AI (Algorithmic path) or a desktop app for solving a logical puzzle (Programming Path). You will collaborate on your project in a small team with your peers, learn how to work in agile workflow and use git for version control (essential skills to put on your CV when applying for internships).

Non-academic days

There will be 2 non-academic days. The first one will be designed for participants to either relax or finish unsolved tasks. You will be able to play sports or stay at the facility, solve problems and discuss them with tutors. During the second one there will be a fun trip for the entire camp. During both days there will be self - development workshops in the evening.

See what we planned for you!

More than 30 experienced tutors work with us.
Meet the camp staff:


Academic coordinator

“Mathematics is like donuts – I like donuts.”


Academic coordinator

“Mathematics is like donuts – I like donuts.”

For Alex, problem solving, learning about abstract theories, and programming are the most pleasurable ways to spend free time. Alex is studying Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and achieved numerous awards at Mathematics, Informatics, and Economics olympiads, including seven medals at international competitions and a bronze medal at IMO 2020 (International Mathematical Olympiad). She also leads the front-end team working on the Meet IT platform. Alex teaches people regardless of their level of advancement – the only important thing is that they are fascinated by maths and do not consider a night spent on solving maths problems as wasted.

Opinions of our previous participants

Sofiia, Ukraine

That 10 days at Meet IT Camp were wonderful! I had lots of fun solving cool tasks. I was in the first group and problems were very interesting for me and even for IOI medalists they were challenging enough (I couldn’t solve one problem on each contest). I think that this camp is the best place for all who just like programming and all who has some achievements in it;)

General information


“Waszeta” Recreation Centre, Mazury, Poland (holiday resort surrounded by lakes and nature)


1 September 2021 - 11 September 2021

Level of difficulty

There will be tasks and projects at beginner as well as Codeforces Grandmaster level.

Ticket tiers

TierAvailability period *Price
Early Bird **1 May - 31 May1799 PLN / 409 EUR
Regular ticket1 June - 14 July1999 PLN / 449 EUR
Late access15 July - 1 Sep2159 PLN / 483 EUR

* to qualify for a given availability period the advanced payment of 699 PLN / 159 EUR has to be made before its end
** number of places limited: the order of advanced payments decides who gets the discount

Financial aid

We will do our best to make sure you are able to attend Meet IT Camp 2021 regardless of financial circumstances. We provide financial aids based on participants’ household incomes. You can apply for the financial aid by filling in the appropriate section of the sign-up form.

COVID-19 influence on Meet IT Camps

We hope that progress in the fight with COVID-19 will allow us to organize the camp the same way as we did before the pandemic. Unfortunately, we cannot be certain this optimistic scenario will take place, therefore we carefully analyze all global COVID-related aspects that may influence the camp. We will keep you updated about all the procedures that we will need to implement to assure everyone can safely have fun and learn during the whole camp.

In case we must cancel the camp, you will immediately get informed and your advanced payment will be returned.


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